Handmade beaded items

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It’s been a while. I am sorry I have been M.I.A, been working on some things and guess what? My site is self-hosted now. More on this later on, focus on the post.

I’d be doing a review on some handmade beaded items by “ICEYPAWS”. The name is so cute, don’t you think so? I was referred to them by a friend and I decided to give them a try. I basically just went through her IG page and picked random items I liked. Supporting upcoming brands is a thing for me, I derive joy from it because we all need support from everyone to keep moving forward. It wouldn’t cost anything if we all supported each other. Stop being envious and support your friends. Support them by either referring them to other people or paying for their products/services.


Are you looking for the best handmade beaded item? Well, keep reading.

This seller totally blew me away with the packaging. Y’all need to know how important packaging is, especially to me. Delivery was fast, I got my items two days after payment.

Please take a look at this beauty below, It was like someone gifted this to me. I was really impressed with this packaging because I was just expecting them to be in a basic nylon or something.

Packaging: 5/5

Handmade beaded items

Can I get a drumroll, anybody? The unveiling of what’s in the box. *drumroll* Here are my handmade beaded items.

Handmade beaded items

What did I order?

  • Beaded Brooch
  • Waist bead
  • Hair Pins
  • Beaded Bracelet
  • Ankara Beaded Phone Case


The seller asked what type of brooch I wanted and I told her I wanted so a butterfly beaded brooch and she was able to deliver this. It’s so pretty and the best thing is that she creates to your preference. I was intrigued and had to ask her a couple of questions on how she makes them and she mentioned how she has to sketch them on a material first, cut it out and then start beading  Creativity at its best.

Handmade beaded item


We all know how waist beads beautifies our waist and at times you can use it to track your weight. This was adorned with freshwater pearls and crystals.

Handmade beaded item


This has been trending for a while now. It can be used in your hair to beautify it, mostly used on braids.

Handmade beaded item


Handmade beaded item


This is the beaded Ankara case I ordered, although I spilt some juice on it and I couldn’t wait for it to dry ( I’m sorry). The case is still adorable and I love it.

Ankara beaded phone case

In my opinion, All items were made with love, neatly packaged and delivered. I’d be ordering from them very soon. It’s also a great gift idea for your friends, no need to think too much. She makes these items according to your preference how comfortable right?

P.s She makes bracelets for guys, as well as phone cases. So guys don’t feel left out.

Follow her on IG: Iceypawsng









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  1. Awesome post. I really like your idea of supporting those who make their living doing hand crafted items. We all should play our part to support those up and coming artists. I enjoyed reading your post.

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