The journey so far – You would realize I haven’t been posting inconsistently for the past few months. The truth is that I have been adulting – Getting my life on track and doing an 8-5 job(yes, I got a day job). How did my “baby girl life” (Living life to the fullest with no worries) pass me by? It happened so quickly. I wasn’t ready.

Job hunting in Nigeria is quite tiring – looking for the perfect job and whatnot, applying to different companies, hoping for a feedback via mail and then an interview. This cycle goes on and on with positive/negative feedbacks.

It’s quite funny when some companies ask for 3-4 years experience and you know you don’t have that experience. Where do you start from right? Your plan B is to write things like I’m a fast learner, I adapt easily, basic knowledge of Microsoft and so on just to boost the skills section on your CV in a bid to increase your chances of being considered.

After the hassle of applying and spicing up your CV, you get invited for an interview and you are placed on the spot. You are asked some questions and your employer asks you – ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years?’, Your reply – I see myself as a successful young man/lady running my own business and all that cock and bull pre-planned story to get the employer interested but deep down you’re thinking –‘Sir, Please take it easy, I haven’t even started the job yet, I don’t know my mission yet’.

I could write pages on the dilemma of getting a job in Nigeria but I’d leave that story for another day.

Basically, right now with my degree, I’m still Interning. I’m not sure how long a person should intern before getting a decent/dream job? Is there a time span on how long you should intern for before you’re bumped up to full staff level? I’m not complaining but I can’t wait till i’m earning 4x the amount I’m earning at the moment lol.


I “renovated” the blog, I’m sure you have noticed, just a little sauce to the blog. It is looking juicy right? You can’t deny it. 

So I finally moved my domain from to Digital Ocean. Now you can say, ‘SeunOG’ is finally self-hosted. It took a while and patience to get everything done but I still have some minor things to finish up. I am sincerely sorry for the inconsistency in posting. it’s been a tough month and besides the site was in a mess and I didn’t want you all seeing it that way.

What’s New with the Blog?


  • Financial consultations and Blog consultations
  • Sponsored Posts + Collaboration.
  • Advertisements
  • Content Writing

P.s Fees are applied to some. Contact me:

journey sponsored post advertisemnet consultations content writing


I know you must be thinking what this might be but it’s another page on my blog where you can rant about anything and everything. You could write anonymously or have a code name. This is not an advice section, so you might not get so much advice, it’s just a way to interact with other people who can relate to what you are going through.

P.s I reserve the right to post or not to post your entries. Word Count – 400 words or more and if you can’t write up to that, feel free to write less.

This would start fully in June. What are you waiting for? Start sending your entries.

Contact me: or Instagram: @seunog_

journey getitout


Summer body, anyone? So I enrolled in a gym closeby. It’s been the best thing I have ever done in a while. It could be stressful putting work and gym together but planning your day helps get things done accordingly. So stay tuned and maybe i’d be posting some gym tips soon.

That’s all folks. This is what I have been up to for some months now.

Did you miss me? What have you been up to? Let’s have a chat in the comment section.


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