Are you losing interest on your goals due to inadequate time, no motivation, distractions and responsibilities that you end up shoving them off? This post is for you, you and you. 🙂Hey guys,

Ever heard the saying – “So much to do, so little time”? You have probably heard it so much it has become your go-to excuse on unproductive days – “no time”. What if I told you there’s more than enough time? What If i told you you can do so much within 24 hours and you never have to worry about having little time to work?

The question then becomes – “How Do I Make The Most Of My Day”. Let’s dive right into it and answer that question, shall we?


24 hours in a day is all ours, only if we can make use of it effectively. Here, I’m not talking about using the whole 24hours, it would be great if you can but finding appropriate hours you can work with even with your busy schedule is ideal.

Coming up with this basic strategy was a bit tasking. Researching and reading articles on  “making the most of your 24hours” and applying it to my day-to- day schedule was difficult. There were points stating; watch motivational videos, wake up early, read often and so on. No doubt they are great things to do but how do I put those into my schedule and also adding things I genuinely want to do that day without ending up with a long list. So I came up with these few points.

Planning a day before allows you outline important things you need to get done the following day. Planning is just the first step but how do you stay organized without a to-do list. Get yourself a book and not a paper, to keep track of your progress and reflect on the things you couldn’t do for that day. Your to-do list should be as straightforward as possible ( a long list is not required), jot the tasks that truly matter and get rid of tasks that don’t enhance your productivity. A list could consist of  3- 5 tasks a day. You have other days to complete the others, try not to confuse activity with productivity. ‘Slow and Steady, wins the race”. Don’t be in a hurry.

Be time conscious, the most productive time of your day is in the morning. This time gives you the opportunity to accomplish more. Apart from waking up early, it is advisable to delegate specific time per tasks  for yourself because it is easy to lose track of time or spend more time on things that should have been completed earlier.

Stay away from social media. Turn off all social media platforms when being productive unless your tasks requires you to use them but try not to get distracted. It is very easy to slip into countless social media platforms without being conscious. From replying a message, to posting a picture on Instagram. Try to avoid all social media platforms because it is a big distraction and it is not time well spent.

Last but not the least. Try to read often. Pick up a book or read an article. Boost your knowledge, Learn new things.

Basically, this is how I make the most of my day. It is straight to the point but trust me distractions are all over the place. Stay focused. The end goal is what truly matters.

How do you make the most of your day? Are you easily distracted? How often do you read?


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  1. Yup, I need much better time management skills! … But I have been working on that recently… between the kids, their activities, our house, our farm, and all the volunteer commitments I have its tough to prioritize things some times, but i like the suggestion of the lists! I love making lists and writing things out pen to paper and check marks make things feel really accomplished! Thanks for the Great tips! you are right social media can suck so much time!!! 🙂

  2. I really like your tip to only choose 3-5 tasks for the day. That’s my main problem. My to do list is always so long and then im disappointed that I haven’t accomplished everything! Staying away from social media is another good tip for me. Its such a distraction! Im going to follow your tips starting tomorrow. Im looking forward to being more productive.

  3. I frequently am victim to the social media rabbit hole! It’s so easy to get sucked in and waste a bunch of time I didn’t intend to waste! It’s always a great reminder to be mindful about those kinds of things.

    1. Social media could be a huge time waster sometimes. Best to cut down on tune dedicated to social media and channel that to other more productive things.

      You can do it Sans!

  4. Now I see where I’ve been going wrong…not planning a day ahead! Will do that from now onwards. I’ve already started going off social media for a few hours a day when I need to focus and its really not that hard. You get a lot done and you don’t miss much by turning off your phone for a while

    1. Sure! I totally agree with you. Taking time off some less productive things and channeling that Into getting actual work done really helps.

      Start planning a day before and maintain discipline with your goals. You can do it!

  5. Oh boy. I’m guilty as charged! My daughter in law and her family actually use a big calendar on the fridge to map out time slots in their days for activities. Seemed like overkill to me at first, but boy does she ever get a lot done in a day! Personally, I need to start writing down a plan for my days. I love checking things off lists but have gotten away from doing it now that I’m home all of the time. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. You need to get back to keeping a list. It has helped me tremendously and it sure will help you too. I’m glad this post was of immense help to you. You made my day.

  6. I am all about the list – but I really like how you advise that I should only put 3-5 things on my list. I always have a super long list that feels really overwhelming. When I first started reading, I was kind of thinking that I’m trying to slow myself down, not ramp up my productivity – but after reading, I realize that I was mistaking busyness for productivity. I can still work on slowing down the pace of my life and still be productive. Great read 🙂

    1. Yes Nicole. When you clog your list, it’s easy to skip stuff but measurable short goals help you get more done faster. I’m glad you love it. Thank you.

  7. Hiii!! Yes this post is definitely for me, ever since 2018 came around its like i left all my energy and will power in 2017 :\ I need to be more proactive in the direction my life is headed and get back my motivation! Especially in terms of planning lol. thanks so much 🙂

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