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How I gained weight in less than 3 months. It’s safe to say that almost everyone wants to lose weight but apparently people like me would like to gain some weight…..weird right, I know

On the internet, most information is geared towards fat loss. How to lose this and that in months. I got tired of seeing those things and thought to myself, ‘How can I gain some weight’. The first thing in retaining weight is that you would have to start with strength training. This meant enrolling in a gym and getting started.

If you tend to be as lazy as I can be, Please get a coach to teach you the basics and work with your goal.

Disclaimer: I’m no fitness instructor but I’d tell you some things I learnt. I could be wrong but we learn every day.


It’s totally normal to be insecure about your weight or body and if you can change something about your body why don’t you do just that. Gaining weight was totally hard for me because of my fast metabolism; I burn fat more than I can retain it. It got to a point that I was a particular weight for a very long time.

So I decided it’s high time I gained some muscle mass.


Start by writing your goals down and be very specific. Try and get a fitness mentor, someone you admire and would be a motivation for you. My fitness mentor is Teyana Taylor. This made me focused. I could be working out and be like- I’m done with this gym thing but once I take a look at my Lock screen( a picture of Teyana Taylor) and I’m like ‘Girl, you can do better than this’.

  • Big and Defined butt (Major focus)
  • Thighs
  • Arms – (Less)
  • Love handles
  • Abs


Try and find a gym close by, a walkable distance if you tend to give up. This can help motivate you.

My first day at the gym was normal, though people were staring at me–‘Like what’s this skinny girl coming to the gym to do’, ‘is she coming to disappear?’, ‘you don’t need the gym, you’re fine the way you are’.

I had a mission to complete. So what they thought didn’t make me change my mind, people would always talk. I was here to achieve the body they couldn’t get because they were busy talking while I was working out.

So now after 2 months, they call me- ‘Olympian’ because of how serious I take my exercise and I don’t give up. Some people even think I’m a trainer because of how hard I workout.

How many days in a week? My first month was 5 days in a week, weekends excluded. The second month was 4 days a week because I had to take a break and let my muscles heal.

P.s  If you have no motivation or any reason to go the gym, If you’re like me just use your hard earned money and pay for the gym. You wouldn’t like to waste your money, would you?


weight exercise trainingMy workouts consist of body toning, building, strength training and lifting. I do basically everything. I was more focused on my legs, thighs and abs. So I did exercises like

  • Squats
  • Pushups
  • Lunges
  • Butt kicks
  • Deadlift
  • And so on with the gym equipment.

Guess what? I can finally squat with 60kg with support lol and deadlift with 30kg.

I could get lazy with exercise but that’s why the coach is there to push me. He doesn’t like the word ‘I Can’t…’ I’m always like I can’t carry this but he is like you haven’t even tried yet. Then I try and I actually can carry that weight.

If you don’t want to pay for Gym, you can get this app ‘SWORKIT’ It helps.


Mondays: Leg workout (Heavy with gym machines)

Tuesdays: Break

Wednesdays: Arms/upper body

Thursdays: Leg workout (Light)

Friday: Abs and Leg (without machines)

Leg day is my favourite. I can gladly do it four times a week. Abs is my least favourite, it’s not as easy as it seems lol.


Where them shakes at? It’s bulking season. So I started with my protein shake called ‘Mass gainer’. You’re going to spend as much as the people wanting to lose weight. If you don’t want to buy a protein shake then double your food intake and eat more.

Please don’t use protein shakes if you are not going to be ‘extremely’ working out because you’ll just end up having fat in different places.

That would be a lot of fat and sugar in your system. You need to burn the fat or Turn the fat into muscles. You weigh more once you start bulking and strength training.

Start eating 3 times daily, double your calorie intake. You can use this app ‘Myfitnesspal’ to count your calorie intake. Always snack in between meals.

My meal plan? I was basically eating beef, chicken, rice, sweet potato, boiled egg, bread, spaghetti, fish, and sausages.


Always keep track of your weekly improvements. This is what motivated me because I wanted to see improvements the following week and know that I was on track with my weight gain.

Weight when I started: 49.6kg and 2 months After 53.2kg

So this is how I gained weight lol. It seems like a lot but I’m sure you can do this. Please don’t be like me, try and take pictures also.

Do you struggle with weight gain? Are you insecure about your body? I’d be in the comment section. 



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