It’s been a hassle these past months, getting into a decent routine and also trying to post every week on the blog. I took what was meant to be a short break and ended up with a month or two off the blog. It’s been a great two months for me and I can tell you that I’m ready to get on board one more time with the help of having a routine.

Are routines as boring as they sound? I’m sure quite a number of us might share the same view but I’m of the opinion that routines aren’t as bad as they sound and you could live a routine life and still have fun while you’re at it.  I’m not going to bore you with this but during the past few weeks of not posting on the blog, I noticed how often I found myself in a routine and It was the best feeling ever. I got used to doing things repeatedly and I was able to follow my to-do list.

It may seem like doing things in a particular manner can make you look like a robot(spontaneity is the goal in life right?), especially when it is done the same way over and over again but you achieve more following a routine(I’ll tell you why in a bit).

Having a routine doesn’t make you rigid, you can switch things up and reshuffle your routine to match your schedule. The truth is routines are just following an organized set of actions in order to achieve a certain goal.



Perhaps my ‘epistle’ in the previous paragraphs are not convincing enough, here are a few more reasons why routines are extremely underrated;

  1. It’s the end of unnecessary Procrastination: Procrastination kills productivity and being dedicated allows you to be more productive and not lazy around.
  2. It helps you get organized: I have adopted a not to do list to keep me on track and follow through with my routine religiously. You might think it’s not of any value but if you dig deeper, you’re actually achieving some goals for yourself. You get to organise your routines according to your day, whether it’s at work, school or home, so you are not wasting a whole 24 hours. Check out “how to make the most of your day” and how a “not-to-do list” is important.
  3. You get more Free time: It calms you, makes you relaxed and makes you get work done on time. The result of this is that you have more free time. With this free time, you have opened up more time to relax, hang out with friends and do something different.
  4. Having a routine helps you focus on your goals: The ultimate one is focusing on a goal. You become more goal-oriented. Because you have a laid out plan, you are not just taking up unnecessary tasks – you are more focused on priorities and as a result, ticking off important boxes.


The best way to find a routine for yourself is to try, fail and try again until you find what you can work with.

Keep track of your progress to know your productivity level. If it doesn’t work, shuffle the routine until you find your balance.

For you to be comfortable with any routine, make sure you switch it up every month.
Remember, what works for me might not necessarily work for you which is why you should figure out the best way tospend your 24 hours. Once you’ve figured that out, follow your plan religiously. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

I won’t say Routines make you selfish but it has a way of making you, your number one priority. So we can say adhering to a particular routine is the path to freedom, productivity, happiness and fulfilling our true potential.

Whats your opinion on routines?



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