I know you are here to find out why you never get any work done but you already know why and you are still going to read this and realize how true this is.

Its very normal. Our subconscious is aware of when we start “drifting into dreamland” but we enjoy it and end up getting nothing done.

Doing nothing is extremely amazing – lazying around. Imagine if someone would just do everything we plan to do that entire day and you just sit back and relax. But we need to snap back to reality. No one is going to help you but you.

Even if they do, they are not you. They don’t exactly know your preference. Are you going to settle for whatever because you want to be lazy? Are you really going to settle for less?



The reason why you never get work done

I came up with these reasons that don’t let me get work done on time.

  • DISTRACTIONS: Raise your hands if you get easily distracted. Anybody? Do I see some hands up lol? I get easily distracted, I start thinking about my future and boom, I drift into things I want to buy, then back to how I need to make money. The funny thing is the main goal before I drifted into this phase was to write a blog post. Yes I know it doesn’t even relate but it happens to most of us. We also have the daydreamers – they have entered a whole new dimension.
  • LAZINESS: Some of us are just lazy, no, it’s just who we are. It’s not like we don’t get the work done but we don’t push ourselves as much. The task that should take 20 minutes Max, we finish it in 1 hour.
  • PROCRASTINATION: This word keeps following most of us. We leave stuff to the last minute and end up not reaching our full potential. Have you ever thought about doing something on time? What would it cost you? It would be out of your way in no time. You wouldn’t have to revisit that thing anymore. Procrastination is the starting point of not getting any work done because it would grow into a habit and you would keep postponing until a day before the deadline.
  • NO MOTIVATION: Why do you wait for other people to motivate you? I know it gives you a little push but think about when that person isn’t there, who then would motivate you? Would you give up the dream? Would you decide not to get any work done? Think about that and stop waiting for that motivation. Motivate yourself, look back from when you started till now. I mean that’s a great journey. You might not be where you want to be now but you have put that necessary effort into work.
  • FAILURE: Oh! you failed more than once and because of that you don’t want to put in any effort again. Things are not just working out for you, so what’s the point right? It’s just life guys. Some people have it very easy, while some are struggling each day to get through each day. That failed attempt shouldn’t put you off track – you would eventually get there.
  • DISORGANIZATION: This is just the beginning of the end. How do you know what to get done if you’re disorganised 90% of the time? There’s no roadmap on how you want to get things done. It’s just going to be a hot mess. You wouldn’t be interested in starting anything without clearing things out, writing things out or organising which things you start or focus on first.


How to get work done

How to deal with distractions: It’s not as easy as you may think because the mind gets tired and wanders. So the best is to have control of the moment. If you are going to drift at all, learn to drift out of it also. Get busy, take a walk, drink some water, talk to someone – whatever works for you.

How to deal with laziness: Do you really need an answer to this? Never give up, give yourself that extra push you need. No one is going to support you more than you. Your supporters wouldn’t be there all the time.

How to deal with procrastination: Try to write this out in your Not to-do list. This should help you out. Reduce the number of times you postpone things and act now. If you can do it immediately why not do it. If you can’t do it at once, make a noticeable attempt to the task and continue later.

How to deal with No motivation: Don’t Give up, think of why you started. That should be enough motivation for you.

How to deal with Failure: Go through the things you failed, try and figure your mistakes out and if you can’t find any, try a different technique or approach to things. That should help you. Don’t let failure get the best of you, you are going places.

How to deal with Disorganization: Get a notepad, jot down ideas or things you have to do (to-do list). Stick to what you write down, follow and track it, so you don’t lose focus. This should help you. Always write everything that comes to mind, it helps you remember better.

The only way you can religiously change this is with self-discipline because without it, I’m sure you would start drifting and end up getting less work done again.You then remember this post, you come back and re-read it trying to get better again. Why not start getting work done? There’s really no harm. It’s for your own good and I’m sure you will grow to enjoy it.

Any other reason for why you never get work done? Please share in the comments. Thank you.


  1. Some great suggestions, thank you. Generally I don’t get things done because I am scrolling through twitter or Instagram. Social media can be productive for my business, but in many cases I am just wasting time!


    1. I used to be super guilty of this. Instagram videos would totally keep me from getting tasks done until I realized how much time I was wasting and I started keeping my phone at bay whenever I want to get work done.

      You can do it too. Avoid these distractions and get to work


  2. Distractions are definitely a problem for me. Usually it’s more things that I need to get done around the house. I try to schedule some time each day for tasks around the home so I don’t get distracted while trying to do something else.


    1. I’ve found out that the texts are going no where. As long as its not something extremely urgent, the texts can wait.

      Get important work done and attend to your texts afterwards Elisa. This is a way to avoid distractions.


    1. Try crossing off the items on your list on time without putting anyone off. You’ll feel extremely great afterwards. Trust me.

      I used to be the same way but now I make sure to do my tasks as they come and it has been awesome all the way.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.


  3. I feel like I’m a huge cycle of not getting things done – I think the biggest problem with me (which plays into most of your suggestions) is that I’m just too overwhelmed. There are so many things that I need to do that I just do nothing. Or I jump from thing to thing because all the things waiting for me are too distracting. I guess I know what I need to do – but it’s just one more thing on my list 😉


  4. Distractions get me all the time! Talking, phones, TVs etc. On rare occasion I lack motivation. I like how you provided solutions in how to deal with each issue!


  5. Great Post! My number one distraction is social media. It is a big part of my job however it is very easy to get caught up in browsing instead of marketing. Thanks for the tips. 🙂


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