I finally got my hands on this beauty.

It’s been on my to-buy list but I got it as a birthday gift.

Excited about the title? You can’t be excited as I am. When I got this gift, I couldn’t hold back the joy. It’s been on my to-buy list since forever.

My first thought was I don’t have to stress and prep washing my brushes every month. It literally takes me prepping my mind, time and body to wash my brushes. Let’s not talk about drying them, it takes at least 24 hours to dry.

Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier just had to make this product for the lazy ones, just like me lol. I have seen different reviews on this but I’m here to give my honest review.

The stylpro is “proven to hygienically clean and dry brushes in seconds”.

We know how exhausting washing our brushes could be. We don’t all wash our brushes always; Most people have dirty brushes for 6months to 1 year. How unhygienic is that? I might not wash my brushes every week but I make sure to wash them every month. Product build-up on the brushes can cause facial breakouts.

I digress. Let’s get back to the review.


Stylpro review

So basically this is the China product of Stylpro but it still functions the same way. I really can’t be bothered, so far it works. The packaging had stylpro on it though.

The “stylpro”- lol notice It’s in quotes. You get me lol. It comes with a small battery operating spinner device (two AAA batteries), rubber caps and a glass bowl. It doesn’t come with batteries or the brush washing solution either.

Stylpro review

It comes with different rubber caps, so as to fit different brush size. Find the right size and you’re good to go.

stylpro review

In the image below. I couldn’t find the size for some of my brushes, Its either they don’t fit or they were loose.

Stylpro brush cleaner and dryer

I didn’t have the brush solution, so I used my shampoo to wash my brushes. I think its okay to make use of whatever you feel comfortable with.


So basically, you attach the rubber part to your brush handle, connect it to your device with a small spindle, dip the brush in the fish tank containing your water and shampoo. Click the button to start spinning. Avoid bumping the edge of the tank because it affects the spin. To dry the brush, raise it a bit above the liquid and spin and it dries in seconds.




  • It cleans the brush to an extent.
  • It’s fun to use.
  • It dries the brush perfectly.


  • It doesn’t take out all the products in the brush, especially the ones used for foundations.
  • It’s a little bit time-consuming.
  • Limited sizes of the brush holder.
  • The spinning might eventually damage the brush in the long run.

This is worth buying because it saves you the stress of doing it manually and you can use it for specific brushes.

Have you tried this before? Did you have a problem with it? Let me know what you think about this product. Thank you.


  1. I keep looking at these brush cleaners and wondering if I want one because they look so fun, or if its just something I will use once and put in the back of my cupboard afterwards! Either way… I feel like I need one after reading this! xxx


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