6 Things Every New Blogger Should Know.

Do you know the Number of Bloggers is expected to reach 31.7 million in 2020? That’s huge. Would you still be a rookie blogger by 2020? Take a second to think about that.

Blogging is many things to different people. To some it could be a way to ease stress, it could be a way to pass time and it could also be a means to an end. No matter what Blogging is to you, one thing is a fact – you have to start from somewhere.

Every famous blogger was probably just another novice like you, like me, sometime ago. I started Blogging a long time ago but like alot of budding bloggers, I grew cold feet and abandoned it – why do we give up so easily? I finally pulled myself together a couple of months ago and it has been amazing all the way. I have to learn, unlearn and relearn.

I am not writing this as a professional blogger – I admit I have not reached my peak. I am writing as someone that can relate to the stress and uncertainty that comes with owning a blog. That “am i good enough to write?” feeling. That “will people read what I am putting out?” feeling. At some point, we have asked ourselves these questions. Being scared is a part of the journey I must admit.

Anyway, I have been actively doing this for a while and I would love to share how I overcame some of my fears. I hope at the end of this, that huge mountain significantly becomes so small.


Things every new blogger should know

FIND A NICHE:  Most of us get stuck  trying to find what really works for our blog. Trying to find a niche. At first, it might seem that you have got it all figured out but you start drifting to other things you find interesting. It’s okay to lose track but try to group them into categories and sub-categories, if the need be. Just be patient with the process, you will figure out which to focus on and you might end up doing all gracefully but remember that you need to blog about everything. Figure out your strengths or core interest and own it.

Things every new blogger should know

SAVE YOUR MONEY: One thing I have learnt is save your money till you’re sure you want to invest fully to the blog life. If you pay for any plan and can’t pay for it the following year that’s a waste. The most annoying thing is buying different things for your blog that you have little or no knowledge about – you probably read a post on how good self-hosting is and you decide – let me do that – and you end up not getting the right traffic to your blog; that’s just devastating. I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest in your blog but know the right things to invest on. Have a plan, it is never too late.


STOP DOWNLOADING RANDOM APPS: When I started blogging, I Read all sorts about downloading different social media sites for sharing your blogposts and driving traffic to your blog. The truth is you don’t need all of them, it’s so tasking. If you can pick a few and be good at them, I guarantee that you will get enough visitors on your site. I’m not here to give you another list of social media sites to use. I feel you should explore and find the ones that work best for you. We all have different preferences. Let me not be the one to tell you these things. Go out and find what you are comfortable with.

Things every new blogger should know

GETTING TRAFFIC: It takes a while to generate the right and consistent visitors on your blog. You need to be consistent with your posts, you either post everyday or once a week. Scheduling your posts works but at times it might be difficult getting blog topics but guess what? It’s your blog feel free to write what you want. Write about what you are feeling at the moment. It works both ways. If you need time planning a post, make sure you get it done before the scheduled date.

When you have figured out the sites to share on. Keep sharing on them and always share your old posts after a while. Joining Facebook forums or any other forum works too.

Things every new blogger should know

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION(SEO): It’s hard getting this plug-ins on wordpress without paying for the business plan. Infact the business plan has all the plugins to optimize your blog. Since we are stuck on the wordpress free plan or premium plan, it doesn’t mean we can’t optimize our blogs on search engines. Reading about SEO helps you understand more. I’d give you a few points to optimize your blog.

  • Make sure your post is 500 – 1000 words or more if you can but keep in mind that content is king – your content should make sense too.
  • When you have pictures on a post make sure you add appropriate alt-tags in them.
  • Organise your posts. Use heading 1- 6 appropriately and where needed.
  • Long tail key-word is very important. They help you rank with search engines.
  • Call To Action – very important. What do you want your reader to do after reading your post? Don’t assume they know, tell them.

Things every new blogger should know

DON’T STRESS ABOUT YOUR MAIL LIST: This is the hardest thing to get, it takes time to get genuine subscribers. Not everyone would subscribe to your blog, you need to give them a reason to.

In general, Blogging needs your attention. Its very easy to get distracted, you might lose hope and want to quit but don’t let that stress you out. Do you. Enjoy every bit of it. Keep learning how to create content for your blog. Don’t get distracted, when analyzing other bloggers, they all started somewhere. It’s a process and you will get there in time. Learn new skills; perfect your photography skills, graphic designs, flat lays and so on. Don’t forget to follow bloggers in your niche, socialize with them, learn from them


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Did I miss anything? Tell me in the comment section.

62 thoughts on “6 Things Every New Blogger Should Know.

  1. Very helpful! This list should be read and re-read for all bloggers starting out, for the first six months!!


  2. Great, to the point, realistic info. Also, make sure to set up Google Docs or some sort of planner. Trying to remember everything you have to do is a huge headache


  3. I truly enjoyed this post! As a new blogger who is completely new to the blogging world, finding a niche is definitely hard for me. I am still choosing what direction I want to go! Thank you for your blog! If you have a second I would love for any advice you could give me on my blog! ❤ Thank you again!


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