Hail ye, Hail ye! All lovers of the color red please stand up. Its all about Red lipsticks today. All red everything.

Let me just say I love you guys to bits. You all keep me going. It’s really not too late to get few tips on wearing a red lipstick. It is an elegant, classy, unique, glamorous color, I could go on and on but you already have an idea where I’m going to – Red is bae.


If you’re planning to wear a red lipstick at any time of the day, you should take note of these things:
THE LIGHTING: There are different shades of red lipsticks you should use for the day. During the day pick a softer sheerer shade of red and in the evenings you should go bolder so that your features stand out.

During the day: No 4, 5 or 6

At Night: No 7,8 or 9

different shades of red lipsticks

Picture Source

LIP SHAPE: Consider your lip shape, not all red lipsticks would fit your lip. Try different shades to know which fits you better. P.s Try to avoid deep red if you have thin lips.

various types of women lip shapes

Picture source

OUTFIT: The shade of your red lipstick should choose the outfit to wear. Red goes with denim, black, grey and white. Try to avoid colors like pink outfits or accessories.

Picture Source

SKIN TONE: Choosing the right red lipstick for your skin tone is very important. If you have a warm undertone always look for reds with yellow undertones or orange reds and if you have cool undertone, look for reds with blue undertone or pink reds. The best thing to do is experiment with some red lipsticks and stick to the ones that look good on you.


Picture Source

Is red your go to lipstick? what outfits do you wear on red lip?


  1. Great post! I’m a red lipstick sister! For me, I feel dull and like I look like I’m under the weather without a bright lipstick so I wear it almost every day. So this really resonates! I can also see why some people would not care for it. Its kind of like dark chocolate… not everyone goes for it. But I do!


  2. I’m so addicted to red lipstick now! I have all the shades. I even want to take new business pics with my red lips. Lol It just perks up any look, especially when I have very little makeup on and rushing. 🙂


  3. Previously, I had never been a fan of a red lip because I felt they always looked weird on me. That is, until I found my perfect shade of red. Now i feel like everyone should have a red lip in their arsenal JUST IN CASE.


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