Hey cuties,

Take a look at my newly purchased colourpop products. You guys know how excited I get with affordable makeup with good quality.

Basically this order should have arrived the same day with my E.L.F Cosmetics Haul but it didn’t. This is why this post is coming just a tad bit late. The party is not over yet with this vibrant makeup products I got from Colourpop.

I must say their packaging is everything and they also leave cute messages in them always ( this is not my first time).


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Their products are exquisite and they never disappoint with packaging. I really did not want to take the products out of their packs but instead keep as souvenirs. Guess what? When I eventually did, they were beautiful, I think I had something in my eye after.

The Dream St Eyeshadow palette ($16)

The pigments on this eyeshadow palette is amazing. There is consistency – I can’t wait to try it out.

Pros: The pigments, the packaging and the colors

Cons: I felt they should have placed the names right under the colors rather than the back. Ain’t nobody got time to be flipping the palette over to get the names.

The No Filter Concealer Deep golden 60 and Deep 70 ($6 each)

Colourpop no filter concealer is their first complexion makeup. This concealer is everything from the packaging to the application wand.

Pros: Its creamy, blends easily, radiant glow in it, easy application.

Cons: None yet.

Ultra Glossy Lip ($6)

You know I’m a fan of lip glosses. Take a look at this high shine lipgloss with a metallic finish. You just have to purchase this. Your lipgloss has to be popping, no excuses.

Pros: Its moisturizing and not sticky.

Cons: None

Eyebrow Gel ($6)

#Clear #eyebrowgel #Colourpop

It’s a conditioning gel that holds the hairs on your brows in place.

Pros: The size of the application brush, holds the eyebrow hairs in place.

Cons: The white substance on the gel takes a while to get translucent.

Medium Dome Brush($6)

#Colourpop #domebrush #brush #makeup
This brush is so soft and fluffy and its great for applying primer or eyeshadow over the entire lid.

Pros: It is soft and easy to use.

Cons: The color of the brush handle – It could get stained easily.

Precision Brow Pencil ($5)

#browpencil #blacknbrown #review #haul #colourpop

Like the name says, “precision brow pencil”, It has a micro-tip which makes lining your brows easier. I’d recommend you use the pencil to line your brows and a random brow pencil to fill in your brows.

Pros: It’s soft and blends easily

Cons: You can’t retract it. Also, there’s less product in it.

Are you a fan of colourpop? Have you tried any of their products ?


  1. Packaging and pigments on this eyeshadow palette looks very attractive. I never try colourpop products and i think that they not available in my country, but i will search it online and give it a try, especially this eyeshadow palette… Also, very good review 🙂


  2. I used to use ColorPop very frequently. It’s inexpensive and I always got a lot of it in my Ipsy bag. My favorite thing about them is that they are a cruelty-free brand and they do have some vegan products as well! The shades always pop out beautifully and blend well. Needless to say, ColorPop is definitely in my makeup bag!


  3. I’m so obsessed with Colourpop! I just bought some of their products from Ulta (although I probably don’t need anything else). Honestly this brand is addicting. Great post! (New subbie)


  4. I have a slight obsession with Colourpop. They have great products and very inexpensive. Usually, a go-to for my lippies but never thought to pick up much else. Thank you for reviewing. I’m going to pick up the concealer and maybe try the shadow palette.


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