Seasons Greetings everyone.

Oh the fret of a new year – Wine and fireworks and a lengthy list of new years resolutions. Tis the season of New Years resolutions ” NEW YEAR, NEW ME”. We have all said this at some point – I’m going to be a better person and whatnot. It’s very funny how we list out things for the year and we end up not doing half or any but we slack at the beginning. It’s probably because we didn’t think it through and since it is the norm why not go with it right?

Question of the day: Are New Year Resolutions Overrated?

A while back, I might have argued otherwise then I took a closer look at the meaning of the word overrated.

Overrated – have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved.

Looking at the definition above, I could easily end this post here – NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS ARE OVERRATED.

This is what I feel –  You don’t really need a particular day set aside before you turn a new leaf or change an habit.

A lot of people have the habit of deferring their resolutions till the start of a new year. My take on this is they aren’t serious about change. Change is not something you “make a schedule for”. The decision to change is an instant one – you think it, you do it.

I also think people make new year resolutions because it feels like the thing to do – The Bandwagon effect. As long as the decision to change is premised on what others are doing, it’s going to be short-lived. If you are going to make a resolution, own it. After owning it, be disciplined.

I bet a lot of you that made resolutions at the start of last year have abandoned them mid way . I can’t remember the last time I made a new years resolution and that’s because i found myself abandoning them less than 3 months into the new year. If you have not abandoned yours, great! For those that abandoned theirs, why not think back and figure out why you made those resolutions. Was there a strong will to change something or you just felt it’s the cliche thing to do? I bet a lot of you will pick the latter. I strongly feel anything borne without a strong and compelling desire will eventually fail.  More importantly, I believe there are no specific days to make resolutions. You don’t need a specific day, month, minute, second or hour set aside for making life changing decisions. The time to change is NOW.

Happy New Year.


  1. We all know that without a plan nothing works and resolutions are always being forgotten by the end of the first month due to lack of follow up. Nice blog.


    1. Some resolutions don’t even make it till the end of the first month. It’s advisable to set realistic goals and be disciplined with them. Thanks for your feedback.


  2. I definitely think resolutions are overrated. Most people set resolutions because it’s the thing to do. I love goals because i getcto create steps to accomplish my goals. I feel resolutions are too broad which is why most people quit by February.


  3. For a small percentage of people, I think the new year can be a time to find motivation for lasting change.. for the rest of us, I think it’s better to think in terms of long-term goals of changing themes of our life instead of reaching for unrealistic goals. 🙂


    1. Yes, I totally agree with you. Some have achieved true change through new years resolutions. I think it’s all about being true to yourself and being disciplined with your resolve. Thanks for the feedback.


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