Don’t we all detest sweat? I mean it’s not bad to sweat because it is the body’s way of regulating our temperature naturally in hot weather. Sweating more than normal could be a disorder called hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating).

Hyperhidrosis can be appalling to the eye – it can lead to bad body odor. It could be embarrassing getting sweat patches on your outfit especially the armpit area or other areas like your feet, palm, neck and so on.

Causes of sweat

  • Alcohol
  • Anxiety, Anger
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Excessive weight
  • Hormonal Fluctuations and so on. 

I’m going to list out ways to control and reduce excessive sweating


  1. SHAVE YOUR PITS: i’m stating the obvious here. You need to shave those pits to avoid excessive sweating. The hair on the pits is a way of gathering sweat. Shave it on a regular.
  2. WEARING DARK OUTFITS: If you sweat profusely, wearing a dark outfit could hide the sweat patches and you avoid yellow stains on dark outfits. Cotton and linen allow for better airflow. They absorb liquid better.
  3. STRONG ANTIPERSPIRANT OR WIPES: Antiperspirant is different from deodorant. Antiperspirant helps to control sweat while deodorant helps with hiding smell. There is a big difference. There is also an antiperspirant wipes you can using in wiping those sweaty areas.
  4. UNDERARM PADS:  They are also called garment pads. they are basically adhesives to stick to the underarms of your garments. The absorbent on the other side of the material is used to soak up underarm sweat. This is very useful to control sweat patches.     –


  • FACE: You can control your facial sweating effectively by using cucumber or cucumber juice .

– Place the cucumber in the refrigerator, so its cool.

– Cut small slices and put them on your face.

– Leave it on your face for 4-5 minutes, remove and wash your face with water.

  •  PALMS: Coconut oil can be used to stop excessive palm sweating quickly.

– Apply coconut oil on your palms after taking a bath.

–  Make sure the oil absorbs into your skin when rubbing it on your palms.

– Leave it there for the whole day.

– You can always re-apply before going to bed.

  •  FEET: Apply Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to reduce excessive sweating on the feet.

 – Apply ACV with cotton wool on your feet at least 3 times a day.

 – Add a cup of apple cider vinegar in a foot wash with few cups of water.            ( you can use your bath tub or a big bowl that fits your feet).

 – Soak your feet in the diluted apple cider vinegar for at least 15 minutes.

  • UNDERARMS: To get rid of underarm sweating, make use of lemon and lemon juice.

– Apply the lemon or lemon juice overnight.

– slice the lemon into two halves and remove the seeds inside.

– Use one half of the lemon juice on each armpit, rub and squeeze the juice evenly.

– Rinse it with water  in the morning.

 Do you know any other ways you can control & reduce sweat? Share… 


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