Hey guys. It’s a new month. The festive season is here and what better way to get Into the festive mood than to talk about love.

The thought process behind this post is the rate at which I hear people say it’s possible to be in love or love someone and love that person the wrong way. I’ve never really been able to wrap my head around that.

We often tell ourselves that we are loving the wrong way but are we really doing that?

The truth is in the world we are in now love is perceived differently by different individuals and as such certain people feel they are doing it the right way probably because everything is going perfectly. On the other hand, some people think their relationship is in shambles because they’re probably loving the wrong way.

Its time to see a different perspective of the word “love”.

There is a myth that there is a wrong way to love but there is little or no clarity on what the wrong way might be.

– Is there really a wrong way to love?

Love is viewed as a strong feeling of affection, loyalty and concern for someone. Love is seen beyond looks, appearances and so on but those can be added bonuses to what you subscribed for apart from the connection you both have.

There is no two ways about love. It is either you are loving or not loving. You can’t be on the fence. It is possible to love someone and not get the love in return from your partner, this is a part of many shortcomings in a relationship and it is your responsibility to act and not compare any relationship to your own because PERSON Aand B’s relationship is totally different. You need to communicate. Communication is the key, a relationship does not come with a manual. There is no harm letting your partner know how you feel, what he or she is doing wrong and how things could be better.

-Is there really a way to love your partner?

I feel with all sincerity that there is no particular way to love your partner. You are in control, you set the rules and boundaries. There are different ways to express your love, it doesn’t have to be cliche like the soap operas on TV. It is between you guys – no one needs to know your business or how you handle things in your relationship.You have the authority to define the right way to love your own partner.


So back to the topic – “Loving the wrong way”, Is there a wrong way to love?.

I honestly think there is no wrong way to love. Loving someone is directional. Its either you are loving or not. There is no loving the wrong way, It is either you were attracted to the person for the wrong reasons which is drastically fading away or you were having a passionate desire for someone and  their attributes.

So my dear readers, love is not a duty done with a cold soul; neither is it expressed in cruelty or one that doesn’t express itself at all. Love is a feeling that expresses itself in action. It is directional.

Like I said, this is how I feel. I’d like to know how you feel. Share your thoughts with me.

41 thoughts on “LOVING THE WRONG WAY

  1. Another interesting post
    I haven’t read all of your blogs but you write about interesting topics
    We communicate differently and express romance in different ways but love is a very deep feeling. Love is expressed in different ways like you said so there is no wrong way to love.
    Sometimes people are addiction to somebody and they think that they are in love when really it’s just an addiction to a fatal attraction. Loving the wrong is an addiction so to me there is no such thing as loving the wrong way, there is only one way to love
    Nice blog

    Liked by 1 person

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