To all my perfume lovers , This is a major item you need to have with you always. It is a perfume atomizer.

A Perfume atomizer is a refillable spray bottle which consists of a cap , a sprayer and a removable top. This item comes in different shapes and sizes. It gives you the opportunity to mix one or more of your favorite fragrance creating a very strong scent of your choice and leaves you smelling great.

You do not have to carry a perfume bottle everywhere if you have this item. It is ready to use , convenient and elegant for both genders.

Price : It is affordable. The price depends on the quality of the atomizer you want but they all serve the same purpose.

Purchase from : Konga or jumia (Nigeria) or eBay . (It can be found anywhere actually, just search online)


4 Easy steps

Step 1

Remove your perfume bottle spray head.


Step 2Β 

When the perfume bottle spray head has been removed. place the atomizer on top of it.


Step 3

Pump to fill.


Step 4

Remember to place the spray head of your perfume back.



Remember : “People who smell good are automatically more attractive” . Go and get yourself one , you would not regret it .

P.s You can always borrow peoples perfume with this device lol . Be smart … lol I’m just joking though πŸ™‚ .


16 thoughts on “PERFUME ATOMIZER

  1. As a traveler I won’t leave without mine, it saved my life so many times, I don’t have to carry around the big bottles! BTW – you can make anything look good with that face lol I LOVE your makeup!!

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